The Abbey

The Abbey in Orlando is a high tech multi purpose theater boasting an impressive combination of theatrical and LED lighting. HTG Designers worked with theatrical consultant Tony Hansen of Techni-lux to design a modern hybrid multi purpose light-show capable of theatrical performances. HTG also provided a hi-fi EAW mini line array solution using advanced network audio, digital console solutions, and a hybrid monitor system that doubled as utility speakers. What started out as a black box theater design turned into a off-broadway design mid project. HTG Designers were able to coordinate complex engineering changes mid project to save the client thousands and complete one of the most sought after entertainment venues in Orlando.

HTG Engineers provided a complete turnkey audio system including a wide selection of microphones for musical, theatrical, spoken word, and even bands. ¬†Shure, AKG, Sennheiser, and Countryman’s were all part of the audio toolbox.


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