AV6: Ritz Ybor gets American DJ AV6 LED Video Wall!

American DJ AV6

On April 7, 2016 a spark inside a nightclub started a 3 alarm fire in downtown historic Ybor City, Florida.  Firefighters worked through the night to save the building and it’s neighbors. After the horrible tragedy that left Amphitheatre Ybor burnt to the ground, the team behind the brand secured a new location just down the street at the Ritz Ybor.

Having a full calendar of artists booked at Amphitheatre, it was a simple task for them to move all of these shows quickly to avoid costly cancellations. But one giant problem loomed in front of the booking department,  The Ritz was a rental room with very little production. The Amphitheatre was famous for its rotating dance floor, massive wall of subwoofers, nitrogren burst, a great lighting show, and a great LED wall. The best Djs performed here, and it was always an elaborate production! The team would have to quickly transform a ‘fore hire’ rental space into one of Ybor’s hottest nightclubs!

With very little time to spare, HTG.Design was able to offer several different LED packages to Amphitheatre within a days notice. The team selected an American DJ AV6 Led wall for its quality, price point, service capabilities, and ease of use.

HTG.Design and ADJ was able to get 50 panels and all supporting gear shipped from California to Tampa in just 3 days! The team had their new wall up and ready for use just a day later.

The video and lighting team at The Ritz Ybor were surprised at the quality and ease of use of the American DJ Products. One panel  was damaged in shipping, and a replacement was immediately overnighted to the venue. The service team of ADJ even helped the video staff tweak their video wall via. remote internet.

American DJ AV6 LED video product at Ybor
Borgore w/  DJ AV6 LED video product at Ybor
AV6 Video wall for Amphitheatre Events Ybor
AV6 Video wall for Amphitheatre Events Ybor