Danley Sound Labs & Ohm

HTG.Design entered the New Orleans market shortly after hurricane Katrina devastated the city to help the entertainment sector rebuild. Ohm Ultra lounge has been our client since. Recently HTG upgraded their ageing Martin Audio install with a system that was capable of getting a “little bit louder” but maintaining high fidelity. Danley Sound Labs SM-100’s we chosen for their power to weight ratio and linear response.  Danley Sound Labs SH-Mini’s handle small area fill’s and double as DJ monitors. A combination of Danley Sound Labs TH-118 and TH-112 provides high efficiency sub woofer duty.

The system was designed around low power consumption Martin Audio and QSC amplifiers to provide high output and high fidelity audio to match the clientele of Ohm.

The results are a the perfect blend of function and form. The audio system is small enough to not be obtrusive – yet the cabinets and their horn are large enough to be impress even the biggest audio snob.  The 8″ coaxial driver in the SM-100 provides for a very linear speaker who’s response is comparable to some of the biggest brands in high-end speakers. Combined with years of knowledge of tuning and configuration with the HTG. team – Ohm delivers a very capable multi-genre  entertainment system which is just as comfortable playing the latest banging Trap hits or Elton John.

Danley SM-100 at Ohm New Orleans
Danley installation at Ohm New Orleans
Danley SM-100 in New Orleans
HTG.Design brings high end audio to Ohm Ultra Lounge in New Orleans
High energy & high quality audio for the dance floor!