22,000 Sq Ft of Entertainment

When Daytona Beach venue owners from Grandview Live needed a complete installation, they called upon HTG Design for their Audio, Lighting, and Video solutions!

HTG Design was able to re purpose 2 different audio systems to save on the budget and allow for some added visual excitement. Martin Audio H2H’s provide the main room volume along with an assortment of JBL and EV fill boxes. Danley TH118’s and Powersoft provide main room bass and compliment the Martin boxes very well. Pr existing Danley TH115’s were thoughtfully deployed as fill bass and really compliment the entire system. With a complicated layout came a complicated audio design. HTG was able to provide quadraphonic coverage in the main arena, while complex delay arcs bring a cabaret vibe to one side of the room. Processing main functions are handled by a BSS Blu 160 and additional channels by a re purposed DBX 4880.

HTG was able to almost double the lighting budget due to the savings on audio. Grandview Live boasts stage lighting in the round.  ADJ ultra bar and ADJ flat pack combos fit the bill for tremendous value in general lighting and stage lighting. Moving wash is accomplished by the tiny-but-powerful ADJ Z4. A total of 12 ADJ Inno Spot Pro provide high output LED hard edge excitement. They are joined by an additional 4 Vizi Spot Led and 4 Vizi Spot Pro Led – which were re purposed from a previous venue and fit the cabaret side’s vibe well. HTG fell in love with some of the new ADJ line of led “disco” lights. Starburst, Stingers, and Fusions are used throughout the rooms for that extra sparkle of disco vibe. The fact that lasers are included in the Stinger and Fusions were a huge bonus. ELAR LED tape was used to highlight VIP textured walls and under bar lighting.

Jeff Kenney from HTG Design had his hands full with almost 4 universes of things to control. “Nothing but Chamsys could give me the level of control and safety I needed for this budget”. Using Chamsys B4 unlocked features that allowed us to give the DJ a very simple but powerful interface.  “Things like remote interfaces and manager level execute windows are great for this type of club. Plus you get the legendary power of Chamsys.. which is hard to beat when programming this many fixtures in a short period of time” says Jeff.

Grandview Live is slated to open its doors to the public February 10, 2016. HTG Design was very happy to the solutions provider to this venue. We feel like the bar has been set very high for Daytona Beach now.


See some construction photos HERE